Get a animated sales video that includes deluxe Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for ONE LOW PRICE!

What Will You Get?

  • An excellent customized, animated video that can be placed on your website and all of your social media pages. SEE SAMPLES HERE
  • We will promote your video to OUR network of OVER 97,000 PEOPLE on social media to generate new leads, views & exposure.
  • A proven tool to generate exposure for your business on social media and your WEBSITE!
  • A proven system for generation NEW LEADS for your business!
  • We will optimize your video for better search results on YOUTUBE  & GOOGLE !

  • This compelling video will entice your prospects to take action with you.
  • Impress your customers and potential customers with a professional video!
  • An amazingly affordable and complete solution to get you new business!

  • Perfect for effective lead-generating campaigns that deliver clear, concise information about your company.

Your video will come with…

  • A professional voiceover (You’re choice of American or British accent, male or female)… INCLUDED!
  • Background music…INCLUDED!
  • Sound effects…INCLUDED!
  • Storyboarding…INCLUDED!
  • Will be uploaded and published to YOUTUBE for you…INCLUDED!
  • Search engine optimized for your city on YOUTUBE…INCLUDED!
  • Search engine optimized for your city on GOOGLE...INCLUDED!
  • A separate MP4 file (that can be used for other video streaming websites)… INCLUDED!
  • The “Discovery Call” to determine who your competition is and what keywords, tags, descriptions, etc would be the most effective for your market is… INCLUDED!
  • On-going customer service…INCLUDED!

How Much?.


$997 Special

(50% savings)

  • Choose from pre-made niche industry videos.
  • Customized w/ your company information.
  • 3 day turnaround
  • Optimized on YouTube.
  • Mp4 video file provided.
  • CLICK HERE to see available videos
  • Contact us about a particular niche.


Custom 60


  • Up to 60 seconds
  • Fully made-to-order
  • 2 week turnaround
  • Unlimited call-in customer service.
  • Optimized on YouTube.
  • Choice of professional voice-over artists.
  • Include pictures of choice.
  • Otbvp Super-Marketing bonuses
  • 1 FREE future revision.
  • Mp4 video file provided.
  • Assistance w/ script creation.


Custom 120


  • Up to 2 minutes
  • Fully made-to-order
  • 2 week turnaround
  • Unlimited call-in customer service.
  • Tag optimized on YouTube.
  • Tag optimized on Google.
  • Choice of professional voice-over artists.
  • Music and sound effects included.
  • Storyboarding included.
  • Your pictures of choice.
  • Otbvp Super-Marketing bonuses. (see list above)
  • 2 FREE future revisions.
  • Mp4 video file provided.
  • Full script creation.
  • Promoted to our social media network of over 97,000 people!
  • Your video uploaded to Youtube included.


    • Script Writing- $900
    • Additional minute of video production – $1200 per minute
    • Additional video, slightly changed for a different location- $900
    • Additional Voiceovers- $800 per voiceover

100satisfaction-3We are CONFIDENT that you will love our solutions. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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